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4516 NE 6TH St - Ocala, Fl 34470

352-401-3483 e-mail

Submitted by Kim Sparkman -Beautifully displayed patches on her dive bag. Comments from Kim. Tasha, As a collector of dive patches from around the world, I must compliment your business "Dive Patches International" with some excellent quality patches. Your customer service was outstanding. You take pride in serving divers from around the world and it shows. I have added your beautiful patches to my dive bag and have already received compliments on it.



Deputy Chris Speegle from the Garza County Sherrifs Dept does a fine job of showing the departments new patches.





Place your patches on a Quit and remember the memories - submitted by Joe Wallace.







Submitted by Patty- She looks great with her patches displayed on her jacket.


Ed at Woodbridge Scuba in Virginia has over 800 Patches in his patch collection.


Have your patches matted and framed.

Dr. Don Sherry is a walking billboard for Dive Patches International at the DEMA Show.

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